pork processing

If you'd like to fill your freezer with lots of heritage, pasture-raised, medication-free pork, cut and smoked to your own specifications, click the shop button below to check for availability.


Here’s how it works:

Put down a deposit on a half or whole pig and we'll take the pig to the butcher for you. You'll tell the butcher how you want your pork cut up, what parts you want smoked, what flavor of sausage you want, etc. You'll pick the pork up from the butcher, and then your freezer will be full of delicious, vacuum-sealed pork! We charge per pound, hanging weight, and you'll pay the butcher directly for the butcher fees. Their fee varies, depending on what you have done, but generally it comes out to about another $1 per pound. Our pigs are pretty big and stocky and range from about 275 to 325 pounds. (Please note that this is just an estimate. We won't know for sure until they are at the butchers. However, in the event that your pig is bigger than the high end of our estimate, we will not charge you more than our high estimate.) A half pig would be, of course, half of that weight. You will get back about six copier-paper-sized boxes of pork for a whole pig, and about three boxes for a half pig. (edited)