Our animals

We raise pigs, Galloway-cross steers, Katahdin sheep, and free-range chickens on the farm. We currently sell eggs by the dozen as well as lamb, pork and beef for sale by the cut. Please note that we are a very small farm, and that all cuts may not be available at all times.  Remember, in the real world, each animal only comes with so many steaks or pork chops! Click below to see all of the cuts that we currently offer. 


Our Pigs

Most of our pigs are born and raised on our farm.  They have free range of several acres, where they forage for plants, roots, acorns, and whatever else they can dig up.  We also supplement their feed with a wholesome diet of grain and vegetable scraps.  We never use drugs such as growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics, except as medically required. 

We are occasionally able to sell you half or whole pigs.  If you'd like to fill your freezer with lots of heritage, pasture-raised, medication-free pork, cut and smoked to your own specifications, click the shop button to reserve a whole or half pig!

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Our Steers

We raise Galloway-cross steers.  The Galloway breed of cows originated in Scotland where they adapted to life in very harsh conditions.  As a result, this breed is able to flourish on the roughest of pasture and will eat a much wider variety of plants than other breeds, which makes them readily adaptable to our mostly wooded, very weedy land.  Galloway beef has been ranked as superior in flavor, tenderness and juiciness as a result of the unique marbling pattern of their meat.  Our steers have been primarily grass-fed, but we have found that without grain supplementation, their meat is too lean.  So we also give them grain that is locally sourced.  They receive no growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics, except as medically required.  (They were given a tetanus vaccination when they were calves .)


Our Sheep

We raise Katahdin sheep, a heritage breed.  They are classified as hair sheep, which means that they do not produce a fleece; their hair is shed every spring, and they do not require shearing.  They are used for meat, and the absence of lanolin in their fleece gives them a far more delicate flavor compared to the traditional wool sheep.  If you like lamb, you will love the Katahdin meat.  If you haven’t liked lamb in the past because of its gamey flavor, you should give Katahdin lamb a try!


Our Chickens

Our chickens are free-range, and spend their days eating bugs, bits of grass, and whatever other tasty treats they can find.  As a result, their eggs are very flavorful with a rich yellow yolk.