Don't want to make the trip to our store, only to discover that the thing you wanted most has just sold out?  Or maybe your friend is heading to our store for you, and you want to make sure they pick up the right thing?  Well, we think we can help.  Welcome to our pre-order system!  You can shop in our store from the comfort of your living room.  We will package your order up and have it ready to pick up at your convenience.  You can either pay in advance or pay at pick-up.

Here is how it works:

1.  Visit the "Beef", "Pork", "Eggs", "Chicken" and "Lamb" links under the "What We Sell" tab on left side of our website. 

2.  Select the items that you would like and add them to your cart.

Two important things to note: 

  • Quantity is the number of items you would like, not the number of pounds you would like (unless noted otherwise).  For example, for a chuck roast, quantity of two means two roasts.  Of course,  many of our items are packaged in one-pound packages (such as ground beef or pork) so for those items, one item is one pound.
  • The price listed is the cost of an average item.  This is not necessarily the cost of YOUR item.  For example, chuck roast is $7 per pound.  Our chuck roasts typically range from two to three pounds, so we estimate the average price to be $17.50 (2 1/2 pounds at $7 per pound).  The cost of YOUR roast will most likely be slightly more or slightly less than this.

3.  Follow the instructions to check out.  Specify when you would like to pick up your package.  Also please give us any additional guidance, if you have any, for which meat to pick out for you.  (For example, if you prefer something at the smaller or larger end of the size range, you can let us know in the "notes" section.)

4.  You will receive a confirmation email, showing that your order was placed.  It will contain an ESTIMATED amount of your order total.

5.  Once we receive your order, we will package it up and email a second invoice of your ACTUAL order total.  Once you receive this email, you can either pay for it in advance via Paypal, following the instructions in the email, or you can pay upon pickup, either with cash, check or credit card.

6.  When you arrive at our store, let us know that you are picking up a pre-order.  It will be all ready for you!

7.  We request that all orders be made at least 24 hours before the requested pick-up date and time.  However, we will do our best to fill any orders placed after that time!