Stay in Touch!

If your life is anything like ours, it can sometimes get a little crazy and things get lost in the shuffle.  We don't want you to forget about us, so we have three ways for you to keep in touch:

1.  Join our Email Newsletter list.  We send out emails no more than once per week (promise!), with news on our farm, updates on our store hours and a list of what we have in stock that week.  You can join our email newsletter list by entering your information on the left side of this page.

2.  Join our Text Alert list.  We send out one text on Saturday mornings to remind you of our hours for the day.  If we are not going to be open (which happens only infrequently), we will let you know that too.

You can join our Text Alerts by simply signing up on the left side of this page, or by texting "copperpenny" to 24587.  (If you want to stop receiving the texts, simply reply "stop" to a text, and you will automatically be taken off of the list.)

3.  Follow us on Facebook.  We occasionally post pictures of life on our farm, and all of our weekly newsletters are posted there.  Click here to visit our Facebook page.  Make sure to "like" us!